Gifting – Perfect for New Parents

As a new parent, I have been overwhelmed and surprised by the generosity of family, close friends and even mere acquaintances.  There has been an abundance of lovely notes and gifts galore for our Sweet Baby C – everything including personalized blankets [so perfect for snuggles], to adorable outfits  [to make his mama proud], to extra large tubs of diaper cream [to ward off the inevitable tooshie rash] and everything in between.  …ALL have been so appreciated and completely unnecessary. 
[And I can’t even count the beautifully insane Gucci diaper bag from my best friend in Sydney…]
That said, one of my favorite, simple gifts was from a dear friend – someone with a pair of gorgeous kiddos of her own – making her know, first hand, what can be the biggest struggle of new parenthood:

Finding time to eat properly – [something that is not take-out, that is]!
Her easy and darling basket of goodies was delivered to our doorman [coordinating visits can be overwhelming with a newborn] and contained everything to help get mornings off to a smooth [ish!] start.
Here are some of the easy essentials:
A sweet note.  Caffeinated coffee!
Homemade muffins high in fiber and protein to help keep your energy up!  [Will try to get the recipe because they were truly delicious and SO hearty!]
Yummy granola that was good as a quick snack, added to greek yogurt or ice cream.
A chew toy for the first love of our lives and lovely teas.
The basket of goodies can be tailored for your friends tastes [swap muffins for cupcakes, granola for chex-mix etc.] and is sure to be appreciated by any new mom ,or perhaps just a friend with a lot on her plate!
It has honestly been so humbling to have received such support from friends and family – and I now feel like I have an endless supply of inspiration for future new mamas in need!